Best 10 Analytics Plugin That You Should Try

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1 Jetpack

Price: $29.95/month rating: 3.9 out of 5 stars from 1,745 reviews

What we like: Jetpack is a multi-functional, all-in-one WordPress tool for design, marketing, speed, and security — its Google Analytics integration is just one of its many features. Jetpack displays your site stats via a simple interface offering a handy overview of how your site is doing. However, don’t expect to be able to drill down into the data on individual pages and posts.

Note that this integration is available as part of Jetpack’s Growth toolkit, which is only available in the Complete plan, the highest Jetpack paid plan available. Along with stats, this plan also gives you its complete suite of security, growth, speed, and design tools. In other words, Jetpack can do the work of several plugins in one.

As you would expect from a product, the plugin offers good support and detailed troubleshooting guides. Best of all, Jetpack offers a smiley face at the bottom of your page to show whether the JetPack analytics tools are working.

2 10WebAnalytics

10Web Analytics Pricing: Free

10WebAnalytics is another easy-to-install plugin that lets you set and manage goals, create and use custom dimensions, and view Google Analytics reports from the comfort of your WordPress admin area.

This plugin also integrates with Google Ads and Google AdSense to give you important data about your ad campaigns all in the same dashboard.

Here are some of the other features:

eCommerce reporting
Goal management
Custom reporting
Alerts when metrics reach specified high or low points
Share reports via automated email
Export reports to CSV files
Filter tracked data to exclude certain user types, locations, or IP addresses

Google Analytics by 10Web also features outstanding customer support and vows to resolve your issue, should you have one, within 24 hours. You’ll need to upgrade to the paid plan to access the more advanced features.

One of the downsides is that this plugin has nearly 10 negative reviews about the plugin not functioning the way it should. There are plenty of positive reviews, however, so it might be something you’ll need to test for yourself first.

Get started with Google Analytics by 10Web today!

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3 Conversios

Looking for a Google Analytics plugin to track your WooCommerce store?

The Conversios plugin is a free WordPress plugin that’s great for WooCommerce.

Keep in mind that this free plugin comes with certain limitations. It only supports simple products. Also, it’s not fully compatible with some WordPress themes, like custom or child themes.


Uses the eCommerce tracking feature of Google Analytics to study user behavior and help you to optimize your online store.
Supports 4 types of behavior and performance reports: shopping, checkout, product, and sales.
Helps you track product clicks, impressions, and add to cart events. These can be tracked on your product page, category page, featured product section, and more.

Cost: Free.

4 MonsterInsights

MonsterInsights is the best WordPress plugin for Google Analytics. It allows you to easily install Google analytics in WordPress and shows you helpful reports in your WordPress dashboard.

The best part about using MonsterInsights is that you can add the Google Analytics tracking code without editing code or hiring a developer. Plus, it offers a Dual Tracking feature, which makes it super easy to switch to Google Analytics 4.

It adds a website stats dashboard in your WordPress admin area showing your top traffic sources. MonsterInsights also displays the top ranking articles, pages, and more, so you can better understand user behavior and grow your business with confidence.

MonsterInsights also offers powerful features and helps set up advanced tracking in Google Analytics out of the box. For instance, you can track outbound links, affiliate link clicks, contact form conversions, file downloads, scroll depth tracking, and more.

It also offers addons that help you get more insights about your visitors. For instance, it comes with enhanced eCommerce tracking which makes it super easy to track WooCommerce users in Google Analytics. You can also use this Google Analytics data to reduce cart abandonment on your website.

Besides helping show analytics data, MonsterInsights comes with features like Popular Posts. It helps you display your most popular content and products anywhere on your website.

Other than that, you can even use MonsterInsights to find out how fast your WordPress website loads. Using its Site Speed report, you get insights about improving your site’s performance and boosting your search engine rankings.

5 Slimstat Analytics

Slimstat Analytics stats:

Downloads: 100,000+
Rating: 4.8/5
Best for: privacy-focused analytics
Price: free
Slimstat is an open-source WordPress analytics plugin that lets you monitor registered users, track JavaScript events, and evaluate email campaigns.

Key Features

Community support. As a free and open-source software platform, this Google Analytics plugin provides information accessible to users of all levels.
Cache integration. Compatible with popular website caching plugins such as Cloudflare, W3 Total Cache, and WP SuperCache.
Privacy mode. Hides visitors’ IP addresses to keep their information private.
Customizable cookie pop-up. Displays users’ cookie policies without installing separate plugins.


Only covers basic analytics. It is less suitable for someone who wants to go in-depth into their visitors’ behavior.

6 Putler

Putler is the best WordPress analytics plugin that gives you in-depth reports and advanced analytics on all aspects of your website. It processes your data in real-time and provides you accurate reports and important metrics helping you take profitable decisions. Along with website analytics, Putler is also great for handling eCommerce data which is something other analytics tools lack.


Search, refund and manage orders in seconds
Enriched customer profiles, target segmentation, email, export
Business intelligence & growth
DIY filters, segmentation & drill downs
Executive business overview
Better customer insights in real-time
Product management and catalog
Sales trends, details, breakups and drilldowns
SaaS subscription metrics reporting
Google Analytics, email reports
Better marketing and CRM
Quicker support and daily operations


In-depth customer, product, sales, website analytics
Affordable pricing compared to competitors
Most competitors only cater to businesses with monthly recurring revenue
Easy statistics for products and total orders – easy to track and follow customers


No inventory reports
No mobile app

Cost: $20 /month

7 WPFlow

Powerful WordPress analytics plugin that keeps things simple

visit site


+Simplified analytics
+Beginner friendly

-Setup is complicated

WPFlow (formerly WP Google Analytics Events) is a bit different, offering simple tracking information but isn’t as comprehensive as the others on this list. It’s a good plugin to see what your visitors are up to on your site in real time, what they click on and even how much they scroll through your page. One nice feature is the ability to track when they play an embedded YouTube or Vimeo video, or even when they paused it.

It’s a simple form of analytics for those who aren’t into the full on control the others provide. Other click events you can set up with WPFlow are images, buttons, forms, sliders, internal links, and external links. You can even integrate it with YouTube to track video clicks. WPFlow is well suited for users who have some experience with Analytics.

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8 Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the most powerful analytics solution for WordPress. And the best part is that it’s free to use. Different features help you see how people interact with your website.

Plus, it easily integrates with other Google marketing services, and you can see reports in Google Analytics. For example, if you’re using Google Ads, then using Google Analytics, you can see the actions your visitors perform after clicking on an ad.

That said, to set up Google Analytics without a plugin means you’ll have to enter the tracking code manually. Not only that, but you’ll have to manually set up advanced trackings, such as form conversions, eCommerce tracking, and link clicks.

With Google Analytics, you get features like:

Detailed reports to understand your visitors
Funnel analysis
Audience segmentation
Custom reports
Export data from any report
Different visualization options
User flow reporting

9 WP Statistics

Price: Free

WP Statistics is a powerful but straightforward WordPress analytics plugin that helps you track all visitor activity on your WordPress dashboard. This plugin is good with geographical and content reports. Along with that, it shows your real-time website metrics. Even better, you can get all of these features for free!

This is not a Google Analytics plugin, but it has its advantages as a website traffic plugin for WordPress. With WP Statistics, you won’t have to configure Google Analytics, and it won’t share your website’s data with anyone.

This is possible because WP Statistics tracks and keeps all the data on your WordPress site, sharing it with no one but you. This also increases your WordPress backup size, but you can delete the old data to manage storage costs.

WP Statistics Features

View all of the stats from your WordPress dashboard.
Tracks redirects from search engines like Google, Bing, and Yandex.
It lets you filter data any way you want. You can filter it by location, browser versions, keywords, IPs, etc.
Emails all the statistics of your WordPress website to keep you updated.

10 GA Google Analytics

What Is GA Google Analytics?
GA is a minimalist plugin that connects Google Analytics to WordPress. This lightweight plugin inserts the required Google Analytics tracking code in your posts and pages.

The plugin is rather well maintained and negative feedback about it is almost non existent.

What’s Good About GA Google Analytics?
GA is lightweight and places a lot of emphasis on performance. At the same time it lets you easily customize your tracking code along with some fairly advanced options.

Making it ideal for new users as well as WordPress experts. Anyone looking to add analytics to a WordPress site in a few easy steps.

Here is a partial feature list:

Includes tracking code in header or footer
Includes tracking code on all WordPress web pages
Includes option to add your own custom markup
Sleek plugin Settings page with toggling panels
Option to disable tracking of admin-level users
Option to enable page tracking in the Admin Area
Easy to customize the tracking code

Anything Not so Good About GA Google Analytics?
The plugin doesn’t come with a dashboard. This means that you’ll need to visit your Google Analytics account in order to view your site statistics.

Additionally, both the free and pro versions of GA don’t offer enough of the advanced tracking features available in other freemium alternatives.

GA Google Analytics Pricing
If you like the free plugin enough, you can upgrade at the following prices:

$15 for 1 site with lifetime basic support and updates.
$30 for 3 sites with lifetime basic support and updates.
$60 for 10 sites with lifetime basic support and updates.
$120 for unlimited sites with lifetime basic support and updates.

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