Top 10 Speed Optimization Plugin For Your Website

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1 W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache (W3TC) W3TC is one of the most popular cache plugins for WordPress. One reason for its popularity is that it’s compatible with most hosting plans, including shared, VPS, and dedicated server hosting.

With W3 Total Cache, you can minify HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files as well as posts, pages, and RSS feeds. You can lazy load images, defer CSS and JavaScript, eliminate render-blocking JavaScript resources, and schedule automatic database cleanups.

You can also set up an integration with your CDN provider for even better website performance. And, you can test all these configurations in preview mode before deploying them on your website.

W3 Total Cache Pro offers even more functionality, including fragment caching, advanced caching statistics, lazy load for Google Maps, and more.

2 LazyLoad by WP Rocket

Usually when a visitor hits your website and tries to load a page it will load the entire page.

If it’s a long page with lots of images this can cause your loading times to skyrocket.

The truth is that you don’t actually need the entire page to load at the same time, especially images which usually take the most time to load.

The idea of ‘lazy loading’ is that specific elements are only loaded when they are needed. And that’s what LazyLoad by WP Rocket will do.

One interesting feature is that you can replace your YouTube iFrames with preview thumbnails.


  • Replaces post images, post thumbnails, etc.
  • No use of jQuery or Javascript so it’s ultra light-weight
  • YouTube iFrames can be replaced with preview thumbnails

Price: Free.

3 WP-Optimize

WP-Optimize started as a database optimization plugin before morphing into a more full-service WordPress speed optimization plugin that can:

Implement page caching
Compress images
Enable Gzip compression
It can also still optimize your database, of course.

There’s also a premium version that can:

Schedule database cleanups
Remove orphaned (unused) images
Lazy load images
Optimize individual database tables
WP-Optimize comes from the same team as the popular UpdraftPlus backup plugin, so it’s got a good team behind it.

The free version is available at After that, the paid version starts at $39 per year.

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4 WP Super Minify for compressing HTML, CSS, Javascript files

It is obvious that files with compact sizes will load faster. WP Super Minify helps to speed up page loading by combining, minifying and caching the HTML, inline CSS and JavaScript files. Installing this plugin is very simple.

Just download the plugin, upload it in the directory file and activate it through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

5 AMP For WP: Accelerated Mobile Pages

100,000+ active installations and 4.4 out of 5 stars based on 981 reviews.


Get accelerated mobile pages (AMP) using WordPress.
Highly customizable.
One of the most highly rated and downloaded AMP PlugIns.
More features are available for a fee.


Strips some design elements, so give your mobile pages a thorough once over.

6 Perfmatters

While Perfmatters is best known for the script manager to remove unused CSS/JS, it also does bloat removal and optimizes for core web vitals.

Take their remove unused CSS feature which uses the faster method of loading used CSS in a separate file. SiteGround Optimizer doesn’t do this while WP Rocket does but uses the slower inline method. Perfmatters can host fonts/analytics locally, includes browser resource hints (preload, prefetch, preconnect), and has more lazy loading settings than most cache plugins.

The worse job your cache plugin does of optimizing for core web vitals and bloat, the better results you should get with Perfmatters. It also has more features compared to Asset CleanUp.

Key Features

  • Delay JavaScript.
  • Script manager to remove unused CSS/JS.
  • Remove unused CSS (used CSS in separate file).
  • Preload critical images (same thing in FlyingPress).
  • Browser resource hints (preload, prefetch, preconnect).
  • Limit autosave interval, post revisions, disable XML-RPC.
  • Move wp-login to a custom URL to hide it from bad bots.
  • Host fonts locally, font-display: swap, serve fonts from CDN.
  • Lazy load images, iframes, videos, with multiple other settings.
  • Host analytics locally with smaller tracking code + anonymize IPs.
  • Instant page (pages download in background when users hover over a link).

7 NitroPack

NitroPack is a one-stop WordPress performance plugin that does the job of several plugins. It’s a one-stop solution that provides everything you need to improve your website performance out of the box. You get caching, image optimization, CDN, and more!

The whole point of NitroPack is to make it easier to optimize your WordPress website. Instead of having to piece together a bunch of different plugins that optimize different aspects of your site, you just install one connector plugin and it takes care of all speed optimizations automatically, with built-in features like:

Advanced caching
CDN (Content Delivery Network)
Image optimization stack
Code minification (HTML, CSS, and JS)
World-class speed optimization algorithm

The setup process takes less than 5 minutes, and you won’t have to touch a line of code. Just choose how aggressively you want to optimize your WordPress site and NitroPack will take care of the rest.

In many cases, you’ll see instant results. In fact, NitroPack reports that the average user gets a 69% boost on their PageSpeed Score after installing the plugin. Anecdotally, many users report significant reductions in page loading speeds, from 3 seconds to <1 second. You should also see a boost to your Core Web Vitals—an important set of SEO ranking factors this year.

And don’t worry, despite how comprehensive NitroPack’s feature set is, it’s a lightweight plugin that won’t clog up your resources.

All optimizations are run on NitroPack’s own servers to decrease the load on your end, and it’s fully compatible with all the main page builders, so you shouldn’t run into any plugin conflicts (but always backup your site just in case).

On the whole, we’re incredibly impressed with NitroPack. If you’re looking for an all-in-one speed optimization plugin that gets results, there’s no better solution.


NitroPack offers a free plan that’s only suitable for low traffic and testing sites. It’s limited to 5k pageviews/month, 1GB bandwidth, and puts a NitroPack badge in the footer.

Paid plans with higher usage limits start at $17.50/month when billed yearly. There’s also a 14-day money-back guarantee.

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8 LiteSpeed Cache

LiteSpeed Cache is another page speed optimization WordPress plugin with an exclusive server-level cache. It has various optimization features with multisite support. Along with this, it’s also compatible with popular plugins such as WooCommerce, Yoast SEO, and bbPress.

Further, it has private caching features for logged-in users while having automatic page caching. At the same time, separate caching for the desktop and mobile views is also available. Additionally, the majority of the popular themes and plugins are compatible with LiteSpeed Cache.

Key Features

  • Automatic page caching
  • API system available for easy cache integration
  • Smart preload crawler is available
  • SEO-friendly sitemap

Price: Free

9 a3 Lazy Load

Another image optimization plugin to apply is a3 Lazy Load which is more mobile-oriented. As a result, it can be a perfect option for eCommerce sites since they typically contain many images.

This plugin also has a clean user interface on the WordPress dashboard, with the configuration menus arranged on a list.

The a3 Lazy Load plugin provides the basic lazy loading media features and allows you to exclude any media elements by manually editing the classname on the script. Furthermore, you can customize the lazy load effects by creating a custom pre-load background color.

In addition, this plugin also works for WordPress multisite management.

Starting from $24.99/month, a3 Lazy Load has many extensive features alongside the support for many advanced media optimization features. It is also regularly updated to the latest WordPress version and is compatible with many other WordPress themes and plugins.

10 FlyingPress (Premium)

Gijo Varghese developed FlyingPress as an alternative to popular all-in-one optimization tools. However, all of its features (or almost all of them) have many customization options, are fully functional, and can replace multiple plugins.

As a newer plugin, FlyingPress constantly improves and adds unique features like lazy load background images, self-host YouTube placeholders, and more. Besides, it incorporates FlyingCDN, which is cheaper than most other CDN services (starting at $0,03/GB).

FlyingPress key features:

page caching;
remove unused CSS;
extensive lazy-load features;
FlyingCDN add-on offering 90 PoPs;
font optimization;
minify CSS/JS in the server or via FlyingCDN.
Pricing: four paid plans ranging from $60 to $500 per year for 1-500 websites.


more optimizations than other cache plugins;
constant updates and excellent customer service;
Flying CDN with more PoPs than other services;
preconfigured customizations for a quick start.

no free version;
no server-level cache.

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